Bugs I have encountered yesterday

Report issues you've run into while playing Veterans-Online.
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Bugs I have encountered yesterday

Post#1 » Mon 2 Apr 2018 14:59

Hi guys,

Bug Description:

1- I was killed by Swayn after using her ulti while I was aiming and my character totally disappeared. I didn't respawn, I was watching like I was alive but couldn't do anything, even my body was not on the map. You can see what happened in the screenshot below, My body was right in the middle of the screen before disappearing, You can also see the cursor on the left, I had to minimize the game window, go to desktop and return to respawn.

2- When two people get stuck on a trap they can't move until someone else kills them, even when you spam the "space" button it doesn't work.

How many times you encountered it?:

1- One time.

2- Each time two people get stuck on a trap.

My system's specs (Graphic card & Processor):

- AMD Radeon R5 M255 2Go
- i5-5200U CPU 2.2 GHz

Screenshot or video link:


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Re: Bugs I have encountered yesterday

Post#2 » Tue 3 Apr 2018 12:38

Hello and Welcome Nalurilolz, We would like to thank you for your bug report and support.

We are actually working on the double trap bug, and we will also check the Whistle's bug too and try to fix it on the next patch.

Keep Following Us Veteran :D

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