Some feedback and suggestions

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Some feedback and suggestions

Post#1 » Mon 2 Apr 2018 18:44

Hi all,

First I want to thank you for the good work, I tested the game yesterday and totally fell for it :lol:
I want to give some feedback about 2 things :

1- Whistle's ultimate can kill enemies even in their base and that is a little annoying, yesterday I got spawn killed twice without the chance to move or escape, I think that players must be invulnerable for one or two seconds after spawning so they can react.

2- After testing and playing against Furter I think that he's a litte bit overpowered. In good hands (and even in the hands of casual players) he is totally immortal. Yesterday I was tanking 3 persons without trouble by just spamming my spray. Even if his shield is very annoying (It can even block Whistle's Ult) I think that the real problem is the spray. Having 5 sprays means having the possibility to regenrate full health 5 times (Not to mention when he uses that whith his ult). Maybe the solution is to reduce the number of sprays and reduce the speed of regenration when he uses that so we can react and stun or rush him.

I wish you good luck, keep going ;)

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Re: Some feedback and suggestions

Post#2 » Tue 3 Apr 2018 12:52

Hello again Nalurilolz, we are glad that you guys love our game, your feedbacks are always welcome and a good help for us.

As you said the base kills should not be allowed and we are aware of that, we will add a system to prevent the kill base and camp from happening so the players dont get stuck in their own base.
We also got a lot of complains about Furter's shield and support, and we will look at all this and try to make all champs as much balanced as possible.

PS: It was a closed beta test so we are still collecting informations from your feedbacks and try to balance the heroes and make your experience about the game as good as possible.

Thank you for your feedback veterans, keep following us. :D :D

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Some feedback and suggestions

Post#3 » Sat 23 Jun 2018 18:35

Probably a road trip to Malaysia or Thailand... Can get some sponsors to create awareness and support?

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