[NEWS] Matchmaking bug

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[NEWS] Matchmaking bug

Post#1 » Sat 5 Nov 2016 15:07

Hello Veterans :D

As you noticed, the closed BETA was not available the last few days!
Some of you asked via our twitter and Facebook pages and we took the time to answer all of your questions!

To explain briefly what happened:
We encountered 2 critical bugs during the three testing days:
1/ Double loading screen: After you play one game, you are not able to enter another game: it turns out that the game kept loading the previous map loading screen and sound. This made the game freeze and the player not able to play the match.

2/ MatchMaking: Well this is quit complicated: it is a mix of bugs that made the matchmaking not 100% functional! Players creating lobby's and being able to join a match, other player stuck in a searching loop and after one match, you cannot join another lobby.

The programming team had a hard time with these 2 bugs! But they will fix it very soon!
Keep following us on Facebook and Twitter for more announcement ;)

See ya around!

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