Patch Note [06/11/2016]

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Patch Note [06/11/2016]

Post#1 » Sun 6 Nov 2016 13:08

Hello Veterans :D

The team was quit busy in the past few days! We have been working on different bugs and improvements. To give you an idea about the changes that this patch brings, please read the following:

    - Fixed critical bugs in matchmaking
    - Greatly improved game performance
    - Increased player movement speed
    - Fixed mine detection distance (now player can detect enemy mines a bit further)
    - Optimized items (weapon) Drop/Pick.
    - New SFX integration
    - Fixed and improved “death” physics
    - Weapons tweaks: reduced weapons weight, this will result in an increased player movement
    - Fixed melee attack
    - Fixed headshot: now shows in the kills row properly
    - Fixed Capture point bug in the “Old Gustav” map
    - Fixed the knife blood effect: now everyone can see the blood from the kill
    - Picking the same weapon from a box mechanic’s changed: now adds bullets to your current weapon when you pick up the same weapon instead of dropping the old one and picking the new.
    - Improved chat system: colors and fading
    - Fixed a minor bug when reloading
    - Improved the "revolver" aim

Please consider these bugs while reporting your own findings! And make sure that you check the “Known Bugs” section before posting about any bug.

See ya around!

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